Top 3 Turnoffs Why Men Can’t Hook Up With The Ladies

You see a hot girl at a club and you are feeling brave because you have just drank some liquid courage and you feel the time is right for you to work your magic. The bad thing is you are probably going to get shot down because of these top 3 turnoffs that men use on the ladies will not only be a repellent to the ladies but it will also make you look incredibly  stupid.

NO.3 Stupid Friends

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You ever hear the saying birds of a feather flock together? Well it goes the same for men. If you are out somewhere and are hanging out with some obnoxious friends than your chances to score are going to be thrown out the door. Not only can these stupid friends get you in trouble, you may end up having to take one of them home early because they might have too much to drink that night. This usually happens at the wrong time, meaning, when you have met a keeper and just as you are ready to pop the number question, one of your friends comes up to you and says Joe Schmo is puking his guts out in the bathroom and you have to leave. Believe it or not, a girl can tell a lot about you just by looking at the friends you hang out with.

Alarm bells tend to go off if a guy is surrounded by drunken buddies who are wearing Bluetooths and drenched in cologne (even if he is not). A turnoff for women? You bet. If this is the company he decides to keep, then what does that say about him? He could be in ”pickup” mode, playing the role of a white knight, when, really, he’ll be drinking from a beer bong and hitting on the bartender when you walk away.

NO.2 Salami Breath

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Hey Hercules, do us all a favor and brush your teeth. Not only is bad breath a huge turn off for the ladies, it makes your friends not even want to be around you as well. Let’s face it, no one wants to sit there and have to make a conversation with some blowing fire out of their mouth no matter if it is a man or a women. Friends don’t let friends have Salami breath!

If the dirty dancing didn’t scare her off and the pickup line worked, it could be the luckiest night of your life. But you can make it all disappear with bad breath. Oral hygiene is very important. Furry teeth, chapped lips and a bad case of halitosis will send her packing. If your mouth isn’t clean, she’ll be wondering what else is dirty. Carry gum, mints or breath spray with you at all times.

NO. 1 Baby Momma Drama

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There are a lot of great things about having a child but when it comes to finding a potential mate, this could hurt your chances. There are women out there who are in the same position as you are and looking for a babies daddy but many women have tried to date a guy with a kid and had to face the drama of a psycho Ex wife or girlfriend. Put yourself in the same position, if you have dated a girl in the past that had a kid and had a bad experience with her ex, would you want to go through all the dram again, this time with someone else? Guys, if you have a kid, don’t use your kid of a way to try and hookup, it almost always backfires on you.

Using your child to get attention from women often backfires. This isn’t true of everyone, but a single dad can mean a world of trouble: commitment issues, baggage, immaturity, or an angry ex. Plus, not all women are the motherly type. Break the daddy news to her after a few dates, because surprising her with a kid is a huge turnoff.


Top Answer From Women On Why They Didn’t Call You Back

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It has happened to the best of us at one time or another. We find a hot girl and all of a sudden you can’t go wrong with her. You break the ice, get a phone number. Then you send out some phone calls and she never calls you back. The first thing you think of is that she will probably call you back soon but as you wait, the call never comes. The reason? She just used you for a drink! Get over it because she isn’t the only party girl out there and has done this many times. There is more out there anyways.

Women use men all the time to score a free drink, which is why you have to be careful when you’re buying them. The party girl who’s out with her friends is likely to be using you. Alternatively, the calm, centered woman who’s having a real conversation with you is less likely to want to use you. So don’t go buying drinks for every hot girl you see. Wait to see if she’s actually interested, touching your arm, listening to what you’re saying, and mirroring your body language before you pony up. You’ll avoid feeling like a chump later, and you won’t  be questioning why she didn’t call you back.

Women And Men Chime In

These are just some of the turn offs from the ladies but there are so many more that women just can’t stand that men do when they try to pick them up. Ladies give us some feedback below on some of your turnoffs and men tell give us some feedback of some turnoffs that you have in women so we all can have a better chance.


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