Dating After Divorcing; Get Yourself Back In To The Game

Getting your game back on after you have either been in divorced or in a long term relationship can be very difficult. It’s just like practicing for a sport like basketball, you practice your shooting and your shot is on, when you don’t practice can’t score a basket to save your life. Same goes for picking up women.

There are many different routes you can use if you have been out of the dating scene for some time now. Online dating is huge, going out to places where you feel comfortable maybe even better for you. Even social media places such as Facebook are a great place to meet women. I know it sounds weird but you can meet women from the comfort of your own home. Still getting your confidence up is going to take some practice.

You haven’t had a date with a woman in six months, and you feel that your cold streak is interminable. Frankly, your slump is so bad that you are starting to really worry about how to get back in the game. Your attempts to chat up women keep resulting in the cold shoulder. You can’t seem to get conversations going. The witty banter necessary to keep a woman’s interest eludes you. You’ve become all too familiar with that “don’t even bother asking for my number” look. You’ve even reached out to all your friends and your social networks. You are starting to feel like a complete and utter social miscast.

You wonder: What can I do to get back into the dating game?

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3 Tips To Get Back Into Your Groove

The Warm Up

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Let’s face it, it is not going to be easy to talk to hot girls like you once did so what you will have o do is a warm up drill. Easiest ways to do this is to try and start a conversation with women or strangers that you are not attracted to. You will find that you will not be putting added pressure on yourself and making good conversation with the opposite sex. Just make sure you keep to your mission objectives and don’t make it look like you are hitting on her, the last thing you want to do is hook up with someone you are not attracted too.

The Location

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You will want to choose five key places where you will want to meet your women. It really doesn’t matter where you choose, just make sure that you are comfortable hanging out there. Hanging out at different places means that you will have a better selection of different types of women that you are interested in. Some points of interest that you would never think of meeting a girl of your dreams could be clubs, supermarkets, malls, and believe it or not, church. Every different place will provide a different style of women from the party girls to the innocent girls.

Observe and React

observe and react Dating After Divorcing; Get Yourself Back In To The Game

The reason you pick five different places is so that you can observe whats going on and how the women act in each place. You will notice the regulars who are always there and which ones already have boyfriends or husbands. You will also see which girls are one night stand material and which ones are actually out to have a good time. Start to mingle with the women but don’t come off as being too forward. Let the conversation happen. Most of the times all it takes is a funny joke or making a funny comment about that drunk guy in the corner trying to pick up on every girl in the bar and failing miserably.

Pick Up Lines

pickup lines Dating After Divorcing; Get Yourself Back In To The Game

If you are going to use a corny pick up line make sure its unique. My friend used this one night which was pretty darn funny. He bought 2 drinks for himself and picked out a girl at the bar. He walked right in front of her and turned toward her and said” oh my god, could you please hold these drinks for me? That’s my AA sponser over there!”

Don’t use stupid pick up lines like “Excuse me, is your dad a baker? Because he blessed you with a nice set of buns.” The chances of those working are slim to non but hey, they have had to work at one time or another but still not recommended.

Don’t Give Up!

Just like anything else you do in life it is going to take some time to get good at. The same thing goes for getting back into your dating groove. If you don’t meet the women of your dreams one night then there is always another time to meet that special someone. Just remember, it will happen when you least expect it so the last thing you want to do is give up on yourself.


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