Transformers Dark Of The Moon 3D Early Release 6-28-11

Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D, the third and final movie will be released into theaters a day earlier than the 2D version. This will complete the Transformers trilogy exclaims director Michael Bay but many think that the serious will not be over because fans keep asking for more!

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The Autobots are returning to fight the battle against the Decepticons in another epic battle which will prevent a mega war. A new cybertronian spacecraft has been found on the moon and the race to find it’s technology to help save the world is on. Whoever finds this new spacecraft, whether it be the Autobots or the Decpeticons will have the advantage to prevail in this highly anticipated final war!

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (PG-13): Michael Bay is back at the helm and promising a much better ride than what he delivered in the noisy-robots series’ confounding second entry. Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro and Tyrese Gibson also return for a third go-round, but Megan Fox has been replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as LaBeouf’s heartthrob. This time, the story, an expression used loosely, involves a long-hidden spacecraft and the threat of a mega-war on Earth. Tuesday’s opening will be in 3-D and on IMAX. The 2-D version comes out Wednesday.

New Autobots And Decpticons

wheeljack mirage 300x150 Transformers Dark Of The Moon 3D Early Release 6 28 11

Many of the original cast of Autobots and Decepticons are back in Dark of the Moon with some major upgrades but there are many new characters as well for both sides. The Autobots get a couple new faces such as Mirage and Wheeljack and “The Wreckers.”

shockwave Transformers Dark Of The Moon 3D Early Release 6 28 11

The Decepticons acquire new characters such as Shockwave and “the Dreads”.  Shockwave is the current ruler of Cybertron and has been portrayed as the major villain in this installment. The Dreads are a group of drones guaranteed to to give the Autobots a run for their money.

Goodbye Megan Fox Hello Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteley Transformers Dark Of The Moon 3D Early Release 6 28 11

Director Michael Bay has replaced Megan Fox with a new love interest for Sam. Reports have claimed that Megan Fox was fired by Steven Spielberg for her comments about Bay in the last Transformers film but that has yet to be proven. Many say that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just as hot if not hotter than Megan Fox and fans will have no problem with her transition into the “Hot” role.


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