Google Social Network To Battle Facebook For Social Media Dominance

Google has tried to take over Facebook like they have done with other popular social media websites such as You Tube but has failed. Now Google is creating their new social network called Google + in an attempt to battle Facebook for social media dominance.

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Facebook is the king of social media platforms and pretty much everyone and their mother has a Facebook account which has helped friends and family get together whether it be family reunions, class reunions, or to find out information about where long lost friends and family have been doing over the years. Google wants a piece of this power and has implemented their new Google social network, but here is the catch, they have only opened it up to a select few of beta testers.

In its never-ending quest to catch up with, rather than work with, Facebook, Google is rolling out its latest effort called Google +, or the Google Social Network.

The main question is, is Google + compelling enough to want to use, and is that enough to supplant Facebook? The answer is yes, but no. Yes, because it combines features, and in a way fuses a Foursquare-like check-in system into its social network, but no, because it totally misses the design element that makes Facebook so popular.

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How Facebook Changes Social Media

Facebook is a cool way to keep in touch with just about everyone in this world not only by the use of computers but with the use of smart phones as well. People are using their phones to stay up to date on an hourly basis with their Facebook status and also being able to comment on their friends status and this is what is making Facebook so much fun. Game applications like Farmville, Texas Hold Em poker are very viral and gives people something to do. The main point is, people are always on Facebook!

Facebook Used As A great Selling Point For Smart Phonesfacebook smart phones Google Social Network To Battle Facebook For Social Media Dominance

We have all seen the commercials with all the different smart phones out there like the Iphone and Driods that show the benefits that each phone has to offer. What is the first thing these companies use as their primary selling point? You can use Facebook on this phone, you can easily login to Facebook and download applications at astonishing speeds. See what I mean, people are buying these phones because they have a Facebook application.

How Can Google + Dominate Facebook?

Google has tried to create social media networks in the past and they haven’t turned out to be facebook vs google 150x150 Google Social Network To Battle Facebook For Social Media Dominancevery popular but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be better than Facebook, but this also means since Facebook is so huge that Google is going to have to come up with something totally different than Facebook because creating something that resembles Facebook is not going to cut it and they also don’t want to look like a copycat. Maybe they have something in the works that will revolutionize social media but that remains to be seen.

So what does the Google+ project offer that Orkut, Buzz, the Wave, Google Me, and Google+1 lacked? The main difference is sharing with groups versus individuals – like your fishing buddies, cubicle cohorts, or any other type of affinity group you can think up. …Hmmmm, wasn’t this what old school Ning was all about, a couple of years back? And wasn’t that experiment a dismal failure, when they moved to a paid monetization model?

Nevertheless, Google is once again back in the trenches trying to carve out its own niche of followers. The question is, how do you play catch-up with a social network Goliath the LIKES of Facebook (pun intended)? Just duplicating the look and feel of Facebook makes you look more like a copycat than an innovator.
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Will You Drop Facebook For Google Social Network?

Just like everything else in this world, everyone has certain things they like about Facebook and things that they don’t like about Facebook which Google + may have to offer. I personally, don’t think that the new Google social network will rival Facebook because it has so much more to offer. Then you will have to find all your friends again and reconnect with them using a totally new system which may cause problems for most people who have just now become familiar with using the Facebook system.

Remember When?

Remember when Facebook changed their template? My point exactly, people started fan pages to bring back the old Facebook style. With change there is always controversy because people are out of their comfort zone which is why I don’t think many people will want to leave Facebook and move to Google +. Leave a comment below and give your own opinions.

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