Will Transformers 3 3D Make You Feel Like A Female Porn Star Getting Sprayed With Deceptacon’s Goo?

Well… just got back from my 3D experience with transformers. And boy was I surprised… While most trilogies are a bore and played out, this one did catch me off guard. Here’s a down a dirty “Cherry Cola and Twizzlers” review from NoSprayNoLay.com

The 3D film made me feel like a Female Porn Star getting sprayed with facials by Deceptacons Goo…

LOL!!! -
Seriously… the 3D was in your face crazy…

Here is the NoSprayNoLay official review…

The Story:  (A)

I sat down and was instantly mesmerized by the opening.

Yeah but… what about the story. The story was a twisting and turning roller coaster ride which keeps you on your heels and thinking you know what’s going to happen, but really get jolted back to find your suspicions were wrong.

The 3rd story opened up some great bad guys and some cool good guys.

First off… I have to say: Just like when I was little watching the cartoons.

“Why Does The Deceptacons get all the cool stuff….” -Know what I Mean?

In regards to characters… there are some cool new transformers to show this time around that the previews don’t spoil. But …what really kept me going throughout the film was the twists and turns. This film had me wondering what the heck is going to happen next. And sometimes thinking…. “OK… I think I know how they are going to get out of this one”.

Overall the story is simply awesome… twisting my mind into a train wreck. There were some parts I couldn’t understand, but honestly, it was probably because… I was stuffing my face too fast with twizzlers and cherry coke I think. A true nail biter…. or for my experience a twizzler chewer. icon wink Will Transformers 3 3D Make You Feel Like A Female Porn Star Getting Sprayed With Deceptacons Goo?

Special Effects: (A+)

transformers 3 shockwave1 Will Transformers 3 3D Make You Feel Like A Female Porn Star Getting Sprayed With Deceptacons Goo?Seriously… what guy doesn’t like big machines blowing up things. In the movie, you’ll get a nice sneak peak at where Transformers came from and we get to see some more great slow motion captured car and knife fights.

The special effects, especially in 3D are such a great experience.

You see missiles flying… transformer eyes popping, drool dripping and more just spray into your face. I almost felt like a female porn star getting sprayed with facials by deceptacons. (LOL!!!!)

But seriously…. the special efffects were super cool. Did you expect anything else from this film? I certainly didn’t.

What Was New This Time Around?

  • New Characters…. and New Bad Asses!
  • Lots of Bloody Fatalities
  • A little back-story of where these Transformers came from
  • Hot Chic That looks like a younger version of Careron Diaz
  • Evil Humans…

Overall: (A+)

This film was truly epic for me and will be for you if you like the transformers original stories.

It had some gruesome fights that made me jump in my seat. And like I said before, the story was fantastic. I love when they line up historical events with new movies… to make use think that this stuff really happened.

Go see this… and get yourself a big popcorn and cherry coke and enjoy.

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