Fourth Of July Funnies!

This is the time of year where we can celebrate our freedom by having a BBQ, getting a day off of work, and blowing things up in the sky.  But as the old saying goes, there is always one bad apple that ruins it for all. Make sure you and your family have a great Fourth Of July and make sure that you don’t get entered into our Fourth Of July Funnies Like These people did!

But before we begin we would like to especially thank our armed forces for protecting our freedom and risking their lives to keep us safe. Without these brave men and women, this country wouldn’t be a great place to live in. Thank you for all that you do and pray that you all come home soon.

Ok, Are You Ready For The Fourth Of July Funnies?

In our first segment we are going to be talking about the word idiot and how no Fourth Of July holiday is complete without hearing about a bunch of idiots hurting themselves or doing something stupid like blowing themselves up with fireworks.

But that’s not it folks, what is 4th of July without some pranks with fireworks? Now we get to see some really intelligent people pranking their friends and family on the 4th of July.

Warning!!! Please don’t Try This At Home

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1. It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Pokes Their Eye Out

These goofballs got the wonderful idea to shoot a roman can not only from their crotch but also thought it was a great idea to go ahead and shoot roman candles at each other at night.

2. By All Means Don’t Pass Out Before The Party Ends

We’ve all been there before, someone drinks too much at your Fourth of July party and passes out. Low and behold there is some fun to be had at the expense of the person who is passed out. This one will make you think twice about passing out at your next 4th Of July party.

3. Pepe The Dynamite Dog!

Everyone who has pets can relate to this next video. Every time a firework goes off, all the dogs in the neighborhood start barking until the early hours of the morning. Could the crackling of the fireworks be hurting their ears and barking is their way of telling you to stop? Well Pepe, here seems to hate it when his family lights off fireworks and decides to take care of business in his own unique way.

4. For God Sake Don’t Start Shooting Guns!

I am sure you know people who decide it might be a good idea to take out their guns and start shooting them into the sky during their 4th of July festivities. Listen up hot shot, when you shoot a gun up in the sky, the bullet is going to come back down at some point in time. You better hope that no one is in it’s path when it finally drops back down from the heavens. This video is for all the married men out there, and this video helps teach a wife that playing with guns isn’t all that is cracked up to be..

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Our Biggest Idiot Contestants Are???

Every year we have the biggest idiot contest to see what people make you cringe or even laugh at some of the stupid things that people do over the 4th of July holiday. Please meet this years contestants!

Contestant #14th of july 150x150 Fourth Of July Funnies!

And our first contest hails from God only knows where. She likes long walks on the beach and her favorite color is  clear.  Shes a stay home mom and likes to drink Pina Coladas on her free time, which is pretty much always. Her favorite time of the year is the summer because she gets to light off firecrackers from her backside.  Please welcome……. Betty…. Bottlerocket!!

Contestent #2

billy rae 150x150 Fourth Of July Funnies!

Our next contestant is an extreme sports fanatic and loves hiking, cross country skiing, and crawling. He also likes to launch bottle rockets from his mouth. Loves to make trips to the dentist on a regular basis. He hails from the alligator infested swamps of the South… Please give a warm welcome to contestent #2 Billy Rae… Snaggletooth..

Contestant #3

fireworks wrong 150x150 Fourth Of July Funnies!

Our next contestant is a single dad who loves to have an explosive time with his two sons. He studies Chemisty at the University of Failure.. His hobbies include extreme baking, alternative grilling, and skin care. He currently resides in the Mountains Of Falusia and works part time as a Jedi Knight. Let’s give it up for Atom….Bomb!

Those are this years contestants in the category of 4th of July Stupidity and failure…

Happy 4th Of July!

That concludes this years segment of the do’s and don’ts of this July 4th. We hoped you enjoyed reading this and all the members here at would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe 4th Of July. Please use the comment field below and tell us what you think of the pictures and the videos.

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