Orlando Sentinel: Casey Anthony Verdict Revealed

The Orlando Sentinel will be releasing the Casey Anthony verdict at 2:15 eastern time sharp. Will she be banished to the slammer for life or will she somehow get out of this mess that has been all over the media these past couple of months.

What Her Fate Will Be?

As this story is being covered, Casey Anthony is sitting in the courtroom awaiting the jury’s decision. News reports have concluded that Casey Anthony is very animated about todays decision which makes you wonder if she will be getting off.

WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Greg Warmoth found Anthony “very demonstrative.” WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said Anthony was “very animated” as she talked to attorney Dorothy Clay Sims, whose face couldn’t be seen.
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The Judge enters the courtroom

And the verdict is. Casey Anthony stands up and awaits her fate….

All rise for the jury… “Ladies and gentleman have you reached a verdict?” Yes we have your honor.

Will the defendant rise along with council…

In the circuit court for orange county Florida as to the charge of 1st degree murder find the defendant Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY.

Casey Escapes Life In Prison With A Charge Of Providing False Information To Law Enforcement Officers!

It seems that Anthony dodge a huge bullet here which seems that she may be getting a slap on the wrist as compared to what many feel that she should of been charged for murdering her 2 year old child. Now we await the sentence and how many years she spends in prison or if she gets another slap on the wrist by giving her community service time. We are awaiting now.

Anthony Guilty Of 4 Counts of Providing False Information To Officers

And the sentencing still continues at 9am on Thursday. But from what it looks like, she is crying tears of joy because she knows she might have got away with something.

What Are Your Thoughts?

After everything you have been hearing about this Casey Anthony Trial, you would think that she was guilty of murder from the start because all the information just didn’t add up. Now there seems to be a huge twist and she is getting off with a slap on the wrist. What do you feel about the verdict? Do you think she got what she deserves or did the courts and jury go easy on her? Please leave a comment below and voice your opinion.


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