Facebook Announces They Are Launching Something Awesome

Facebook has released some information about their new launch that will give users a great way to contact their friends. The techies at Facebook are stating that this new feature will help friends contact other friends in a very unique and fun way? What do you think it is? Well here’s a hint….. Skype.

1 Click Way To Get Connected Through Video Calling

That’s right folks, the leading social network Facebook is releasing a new feature today while we facebook video chat 150x150 Facebook Announces They Are Launching Something Awesomeare covering this story live over livestream and it involves a huge partnership with Skype. Now Facebook is taking social networking to the next level by the use of video calling.

As promised, Facebook will make an “awesome” announcement today, July 6, at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. GMT) at the company’s headquarters in Paolo Alto, California.

It’s rumored that Facebook will announce a partnership with Skype that will integrate video chat directly into the Facebook platform. Group chats are also rumored to be on the docket, though some speculate that Facebook may take today to unveil a new mobile platform.

So What Does This Mean For Facebookers?

This means that now you can login to your Facebook account and can get in contact with any of facebook skype video chat 150x150 Facebook Announces They Are Launching Something Awesomeyour Facebook friends and family with just one click of a button but with a twist. Since Facebook is partnering with Skype, now users can call a friend using the Facebook video call application. Users can now call a friend, and if they have a web camera or a laptop with a built in camera and can literally have a live video chat with that person. How cool is that? Now people don’t even have to worry about paying long distance phone bills by chatting with someone who is across the world. And you can see the person you are talking with live.

Facebook Video Calling Group Chat In The Works

Facebook also announced that there will be a new upgrade in the very near future that will also help businesses as well. Now businesses can have group meetings using this video calling feature as well just by logging to Facebook. The group chat feature is still is a working process but the representatives are saying it will be released very soon.  Friends and business owners will be able to literally have a video conference call whether it be chatting for fun or discussing business goals facebook group chat 150x128 Facebook Announces They Are Launching Something Awesomefor the week.

Rumors suggest that Facebook has partnered with Skype to execute the new feature, which will compete with the new “Hangouts” video chat feature found on the newly launched Google+ social network. There are even whispers on the wind that Facebook could introduce group video chats, which Google+ also features.

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What Does This Mean For Google +?

Google + is a new social networking website that is competing with Facebook for social networking dominance. Google + offers an application for video calling which many believe would be their magic bullet which would be the main reason why Facebook users would switch over to Google + but it seems that Facebook is always one step ahead.

Google’s newly launched social network (Google+) features a video chat feature (called Hangouts) that lets users chat one-on-one or in groups of up to 10. PCWorld predicts that the feature could grow into “serious competition” for Skype. Facebook currently does not offer a video chat feature.

Got An Ipad? Facebook Hasn’t Forgot About You Either

Facebook has a new application in the works for Apple Ipad users to get involved with this awesome new technology. Although a date is not set to be released, or what features this new application will involve, it is in the works.

There has also been speculation that Facebook may announce several other rumored works-in-progress, like an official iPad app, or even the super-secret Project Spartan mobile project.

Whatever is coming, we’ll know after 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) on Wednesday, July 6.

Pretty Cool Stuff Huh?

This is all great news for me, now we can contact our family and friends using a video calling application and it will feel like we are talking to our friends and family as if they are in the same room with us. Please comment below and let us know if you like or dislike this new Facebook video calling application.

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