007′s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Hands

Lets face it guys, the dating scene has changed and now it is much more complex than ever. Women are actually getting smarter and learning how to counter all the things that would work in the past. Forget about the cheesy pick up lines because she has already heard them, forget about all your tactics that would work with women in the past and take a totally different approach.

Become The Man Of Mystery

Have you been trying to hook up with the girls but just haven’t been able to? You look at these man of mystery 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Handsother guys that are good with the ladies and you know that you have so much more to offer than some of these other guys but still they are doing something that you’re not.

Women are very complicated and that is why it is so hard to break the ice with them and basically get your foot in the door.

Listen up single guys, you need to stand out from the crowd and have the women laser focus on you and nobody else. How can you do this without looking out of place or making a fool of yourself?

#1 Look good all the time

Sorry guys but you have to start thinking like a girl and and you have to make a trip to the mall and do some shopping. Your normal dress up clothes are probably outdated and may not fit right on you any more which is why you need to get yourself a new look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can get some nice slacks and a nice long sleeve shirt cheap now a days that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. You don’t want to over do it though.

Don’t forget about you hygiene boys.

Take the time to get a haircut and go out and by yourself a razor and give yourself a little shave on the face. You got a beard? Trim it at least, it will help your chances, but then there are some women who like and don’t like facial hair so test it out.

You don’t want to look like you don’t take care of yourself. Huge turnoff for the ladies.

When you go to your favorite mens store, ask a good looking women, who works there, to give you some advice. Seriously, if she is hot then she has good fashion sense and will lead you in the right direction.

What you think about your new get up and what girls think could be totally opposite!

You may think that you picked out a great pair of pants and shirt but always get a girls opinion first because you may think it looks good but lets face it, you want to look good for the ladies and not your mirror. These girls will help you out.

What you think?ryan1 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Hands

“I like this shirt and pants because I feel comfortable in them, the price is good and I think the girls will really like what I am wearing.”

Wrong buddy, if you are thinking comfortable and cheap, that is what image you are giving off to the ladies.

What She Thinks?

“Oh please don’t come over here and talk to me. Who dresses this guy? His mother? Maybe he got ryan2 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Handshis clothes at a garage sale. ”

The worst thing you want to do is look cheap, trust me, the ladies will just turn and laugh, that is if they even acknowledge the fact that you are there.

If you want to know how to persuade women, you must as well learn how to look good all the time. Remember that physical attraction is also important, so you must make sure that you know how to observe proper hygiene and you know how to look great when you are around beautiful ladies in order to get their attention and make them want you for good.

Read more at: askmen.com

#2 Kill Em With Confidencehugh heffner 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Hands

You’ve all heard the saying ” Kill them with kindness” right? Well kill them with confidence is just the same.

Walk with some pep in your step. Stand up straight and walk with a purpose.

You want a strong aura around you when you walk into a room that gives off a presence that lets everyone know that you are something special and you mean business.

  • Smile, because that lets everyone know that you are open to good conversation.
  • Make eye contact with the ladies
  • don’t be shy around the ladies (what else do you got to lose)
  • believe in yourself that you are confident

Don’t go overboard with this confidence thing because it could backfire on you.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance turns a lot of women off but if you are teetering on the fine line this will make them be more interested in you. It’s tough to do but if you master it, you will benefit from the rewards.

One of the most important things that can guarantee you to win the hearts of pretty ladies out there would be to have self confidence especially when you are around them. Having self confidence is important because girls won’t get attracted to you if you seem to timid and too shy when they are around.

#3 Be a Real Man With A Soft Side Too

Yeah you love sports, yeah you love to hang out with the boys, women know this so be honest stu price 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Handsabout it. Tell the women you do normal things that a guy does, they know this, but tell them you do it in moderation.

Women look at men and ask themselves if this guy will be there to provide for them, be there for them in their time of need, and for the big shocker, they want someone there that will protect them.

You actually get brownie points for showing your feelings.

I don’t mean being able to cry in front of them, I am talking about showing your soft side. Women frequently seek out intellectual and caring partners.

  • Be interested in the things that women do.
  • Show her that you care about what she has to say
  • Start an intelligent conversation with her that most men wouldn’t dare get into
  • Don’t make it all about you, ask about her likes and dislikes

Again, this is why women are complicated because there is a fine line of showing your feelings. Show too much feelings and she may think you are a wimp. Show just enough feelings and she will know that you are confident enough to express your feelings. You don’t want to her consider you as just one of the girls which she will start considering you as the “F” word…. FRIENDS.

Things To Avoid After The Ice Has Been Broken

Just because you got your foot into the door doesn’t mean you are worthy enough for a firstthe shining 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Hands date. A lot of men have made the mistake of jumping the gun too quickly which actually puts fear into the eyes of women which totally turns you into that “Not Dating Material” kind of guy.

  • Don’t be too easy to please – she may think you’re too insecure to disagree with her
  • Don’t be too focused on sex – she will think you just want a one night stand
  • Never Ever Be Possessive – she will feel smothered and think of you as a “PSYCHO”
  • focus on her not your phone – texting is rude in mid conversation
  • Don’t be cheap – as before, huge turn off for women
  • Don’t talk about your Ex – she will think you have too much baggage

Return On Investment

Yeah, these things are an investment of time and money but they will help you get the girl of spencer heidi 150x150 007s Guide To Attract Hot Women And Make Them Melt In Your Handsyour dreams. By investing in a little bit of time will not only help your chances of being a hit with the ladies, it will also help you become a much better person, feel much better about yourself, and show her that you are a real guy that she can see herself with in the future. She will know what she is getting into and how you will treat her in the future.

Again, the best advice is to be yourself, and courting the ladies is very touchy and complicated. Guys, you may strike out here and there but don’t give up. Learn from your mistakes and learn not to make that same mistake again and you will seriously up your chance of success. Please comment below and tell us what you think and of coarse, tell us if you have used these techniques and if they help you find the woman of your dreams!

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