Super 8 Is It Just E.T. On Steriods?

Well saw the movie, thought it to be a decent movie, but was not too thrilled by all the hype. Figured I give an quick honest review of this “so-called” blockbuster.

ET On Weird Crack (Repurposed):

Well, if you ever saw E.T. who was made by the same director, you would notice the story was really similar. Bunch of young kids, have a rough family life… and then something weird happens in their town.

Literally it’s the same story as E.T.

I won’t put any spoilers in here, but it is a bit gruesome and has some cool parts. But I believe the director is setting the bait on your curiosity of what the hell is the monster.

Overall C+

I am not the only one who gave this movie a so-so review. Check out Review below:

Unfortunately, Abrams’ attempt at classic Spielbergian fun is a bit wanting. It’s not that the man can’t build suspense and awe. The train-wreck sequence is eye-opening, and we’re frequently on edge when something is rumbling in the bushes. But all the hush — the obstructed glimpses, the unanswered questions — around the creature in the dark is a set-up for disappointment, especially at a time when we’ve seen all this before. It’s like slowly tearing away at a neatly wrapped gift just to find out you already have what’s inside. And if you gave that gift a little shake, you would have already known that. It’s not like audiences didn’t know that the predator in Jaws was a shark, but that shark still managed to surprise you. This CGI-monstrosity on the other hand leaves you indifferent. Still, these are small setbacks for a movie that looks back at the classics and moves way ahead of most summer fare.

In my honest opinion, a good rental flick. I have no problem sitting in the theater chowing down pop corn and twizzlers. But this was not that fulfilling.

Hopefully… Green Lantern This Friday will be banging and better.

Hey I May Have Saved You A Few Bucks Wasted At The Theater.

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One Response to “Super 8 Is It Just E.T. On Steriods?”

  1. This will definitely become one of the surprise hit of summer, 20011. I have not had so much fun watching a film since first seeing Close Encounters. Although, the movie’s title might be quiet deceptive, the film itself is a must-see. Totally fun, exciting, adventurous, and thrilling. The special effects are mind-blowing, the kid’s characters were believable, and the script was written to kept even the most calm natured, on the edge of their seats. The movie is in fact a story in a story, but it never loses its sense of reality blended in a very science fictional plot. Its early seventies setting has a sort of magical effect on the senses, a walk down memory lane with some of the hit songs played in the background. Do not cheat yourself. This is a must movie for the whole family to see.

    June 23, 2011 at 5:49 am Reply

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