Battlefield 3 Jets! …Night Vision and Co-Op

Cologne, Germany had their pleasure of watching the Battlefield 3 demos of some bad-ass co-op, jets and night vision.

Rather then me ramble about how awesome these demonstrations were, check out the live videos fresh from GamesCon in Germany.

Battlefield 3 Leaked Videos:

Check out the nice co-op demo, while these guys are no super bad ass soldiers. They do make a nice team and communicate well.

The video is showing off the PS3.

Here is some info straight from GamesCom:

The press conference disclosed a previously unseen co-op mode mission for PS3 called “Exfiltration.” Two players are trying to recover a high-ranking officer named El Zakir who recently defected from the PLR. There’s a lot of close-quarters footage in the demo, which is mildly exciting but could be more compelling in harder difficulties. Players can revive each other, shoot primary weapons while down, or crawl away from battle during co-op. Combined final scores are shown later in Battlelog, a social-networking site for BF players.

Read more at Cnet

Holy Shit…. Jets

This demo os the caspian sea is priceless. The jets are being shown, plus you will see choppers and listen to the sound effects.

Battlefield 3 framerates are looking very good and the dice engine seems to work very nicely, just incase some of you folks were worried about frame rates. This demo is awesome, but the gameplay footage of the 64-player  multiplayer map was just downright sick!!!

Jets look great… but even the cockpit are looking great.

You got to love that pilot chatter in that cockpit.


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