Friday Funnies – Funny Videos of Men

man laughing1 300x199 Friday Funnies – Funny Videos of MenMen will always be men. Ever the adventurous specie, they take risks all for fun and excitement. And sure, there are a lot of good men out there. However, it can’t be denied that there are others who are thrill-seekers, borderline stupid or just plain impulsive.

Funny moments. Almost every guy have them. Or should I just say every thrill-seeker, borderline stupid and just plain impulsive guy got them. Whichever you think is correct, we are giving you some treats – funny clips.


Watch the videos below and laugh out loud with the men’s funny moments.

Oh how it hurts,  when good things  turn bad.



Your pants is not a part-time shirt! Always remember that. Hopefully, unlike this guy, you will still remember that even if you’re drunk.


Adventure is fun. But not if it sends you to the hospital.

Moderation is the key. The term is clearly not on this guy’s vocabulary.

Alright, enough of the moments that hurt – badly.  But you should take note, they are posted not just for laughing but also for learning. Hopefully, with these videos you’ll learn what’s not to do.

But, wait we’re not done yet.

Behold, the sound of triumph … and the beating that comes after.

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