2 Videos On Losing Weight Without Running or Weights

Cool video training on showing how to lose weight and get firm without using weights or doing crazy marathons.

Is it me… or does Darin in the video look like a WWF wrestler. I can’t think of his name of the bat, but dude he looks just like the guy. If you know his name comment below. Anyhow, Darin knows his stuff and his health is excellent, check out the videos and get started.

How To Lose Weight Without Running or Weights

The video is from Dr. Mercola, good guy. He has Darin sharing a great work out. I put both video training below for you to check out.

Technique Part 1:

Technique Part 2:

Check Out The Full Work Out Tips:

Many women lack upper body strength. Unfortunately, this can lead to injuries and lack of ability, as many common movements such as lifting a box or a child require strong upper body muscles.

It’s wise for all women to strengthen these muscles by working on the two best exercises for them: push-ups and pull-ups. Just because pull-ups and chin-ups are hard, it doesn’t mean women can’t do them! In fact, you *should* be able to lift your own body with your arms. In nature, this sort of movement is very basic and in fact a matter of survival.

Pull-ups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers. Pull-ups and chin-ups are also one of the hallmarks of an advanced strength athlete.

The pull-up builds grip strength because your fingers, hands and forearms are all used. Pull-ups also develop your biceps, triceps and shoulders, giving you powerful strength and superior muscularity. Muscles throughout the entire back are bombarded with enough stress to make them grow stronger, especially the latissimus dorsi and trapezius. Additionally, your abdominal muscles are given a good workout due to the stabilization needed through the entire core.

A well-rounded program requires some variations on the pull-up. Any pull-up that starts with your palms facing forward on the bar (a “forward grip”) and ends with your chin going up over the bar will bring focus to the pectoralis muscles of the chest. To bring more focus to your back muscles, there are two options you should consider. The first is a wider grip, and the other is a pull-up bar that has the ends angled down.

According to Livestrong:

“For many, the pull-up is a more difficult exercise than they can start out with. If you are having trouble completing more than five or six repetitions of the exercise without stopping, consider modifying the pull-up for a while … You can place a chair in front of the chin-up bar and rest one foot on the chair while you do the exercise … You can also do a variation called a ‘jump up’ by hopping up to the chin-up position and focusing on lowering your body slowly.”

For the full story check out Dr Mercola.

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