Oh No She Didn’t….

Heff was stood up at the alter? Well not exactly, but their isn’t no wedding.

Just got news that Crystal Harris cancelled the wedding plans. You have to wonder why, was it fame, was it internal stuff. Was it all for Heff’s empire. You be the judge, leave a comment below.

Below is the Story:

Crystal Harris has everything Playboy founder Hugh Hefner looks for in a woman: blond hair, a generous chest and a willingness to pretend that age is not an issue — until now. The current Playboy cover girl just ended her engagement to the 85-year-old media mogul, despite plans to wed on Saturday.

Crystal Harris calls off the wedding

On June 14, 2011, just five days before her wedding to Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris called off the wedding, despite already gracing the July cover of Playboy magazine with the words “Mrs. Crystal Hefner” across the cover. Hefner responded by slapping “Runaway Bride Inside” stickers on all the copies destined for newsstands.

“I called it off because I didn’t think it was the right thing for me to do,” Harris told Ryan Seacrest during his radio show. “It was mutual between Hef and I. There was no fight. We sat down, and we talked about it… For a while I’ve been having second thoughts about everything. I haven’t really been at peace with myself lately. I didn’t think it was really fair to him…They were gonna air a show on it. It was all happening too fast for me.”

Crystal Harris’ music career

Rumors are circulating that Crystal Harris planned the breakup as a publicity stunt — she released her first single “Club Queen” the same day as she announced her split from Hefner. Throw in the fact that she allegedly approached different publications asking for a $500,000 media deal to leave Hefner at the altar and then give an exclusive interview about humiliating the Playboy founder, and things aren’t looking so good for the 85-year-old Hef. After years of sleeping with almost anything that walks and donning a silk bathrobe, the former world’s biggest playboy has been reduced to an old, pathetic man with a publicity-mad ex.

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You Be The Judge….

What’s your thoughts, it’s interesting to hear about her music career, but honestly I thought it was all good. Oh… Playboy love.

Leave a comment below on what you think is up.

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