Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn

There was some unfortunate news today that Jackass star Ryan Dunn has passed away. AT first many thought this might be a hoax but Bam Margera and his mother confirmed it was true. Reports are saying that Dunn and his passenger drove his porsche off the road and into a tree, the vehicle burst into flames instantly.

You may have remembered one of the funniest stunts Ryan Dunn performed where they super glued his rear end and sat on big Phils back. Ryann Dunn gave us a ton of laughs while watching the Jackass movies and he will be missed. Rest in peace Ryan Dunn and our prayers are with you and your family.

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According to a report in TMZ (and later confirmed by Bam Margera’s mother), Jackass star Ryan Dunn has died, following a grisly, early-morning car crash where Dunn’s Porsche slammed into a tree and burst into flames in West Goshen, Pennsylvania. An unidentified passenger was also killed.

Dunn had posted a picture of himself drinking with friends just two hours before the accident. He was 34.

Ryan Dunn Also Appeared In Many Other Roles

Ryan Dunn not only did some crazy stunts for Jackass but he also appeared in many other roles. It looks like Dunn was started to take the same patch that Johnny Knoxville took by expanding his acting skills to many television sitcoms and also hosting G4 television.

Still, Dunn was a real person (as was the passenger who died with him), so instead of focusing on the details of his death, let’s talk about his life. In addition to performing on all seasons of the Jackass TV show and its three movies, Dunn was a regular presence on Margera’s shows Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, and Bam’s World Domination, and he solo hosted Homewrecker, a home improvement series where renovations were motivated solely by revenge. On all of these, Dunn proved himself totally game for anything and everything—a merry prankster of the first order, with a genuine “fuck it” attitude and a deadpan, self-effacing humor that made him seem like a genuinely fun guy to hang out with.

Dunn also acted, starring in the Margera-directed films Haggard—which was based on Dunn’s real-life experience with his cheating ex-girlfriend—and Minghags, as well as the films Blonde Ambition, Street Dreams, and Living Will.

He also appeared in a small role on Law And Order: SVU in 2008. Dunn’s last film appearances were in this year’s drama Close-Up and the quasi-sequel Jackass 3.5, while his final completed roles in Welcome To The Bates Motel and Booted have yet to be seen. Most recently, Dunn debuted in G4’s Proving Ground, where he and co-host Jessica Chobot attempt to replicate action scenes from movies, TV shows, and video games. The show premiered just last week; it’s unclear yet what will happen to it in the wake of Dunn’s death.

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What Was You Favorite Ryan Dunn Moment?

In memory of Ryan Dunn, please leave a comment on which stunt was your favorite stunt performed by Ryan Dunn. Thank you for all the laughs that you gave us Ryan and you will be missed. Rest in peace our friend.


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